Wolfie Monster is the youngest of 3 brothers and he might just be the happiest monster you'll ever meet! His lack of intelligence never gets in his way and he loves sharing adventures with people he's just met. He can't WAIT to be your best friend forever and ever.


Roy is the oldest of 3 brothers. Roy enjoys long naps on the sofa, eating tacos on the sofa, watching TV on the sofa and generally all things that involve the sofa. He works at Magik Cheez Pizza when he remembers that he works at Magik Cheez Pizza. He's Wolfie's protector.


Jackson is the middle brother. Jackson manages the family business, which is the Magik Cheez Pizza restaurant. “Responsibility" is Jackson's hobby and he has no patience for silliness, so naturally he finds Wolfie to be insufferable. Jackson has never been late to anything ever.


Stubbs is the landlord at the Leaky Timbers Apartment Complex where Wolfie and his brothers live. It's an unenviable job, to say the least. Most of Stubb's time is removing socks that Wolfie has glued to the roof and collecting rent from Ms. Finch who usually pays with fish bones.


Uurp is the brother… well… now wait... maybe she's the sister... well... now I can't remember. Well, anyway... Uurp is the twin to Durp. They only say "durp or uurp" which is very confusing. Not much else is known about Uurp other than her/his degree from Harvard.


Norman really just wants to be left alone. He enjoys his roof hole and writing bad poetry. Now, go away.


Durp is either the brother or the sister to Uurp. Durp has been trying to get a job as a writer for years, but since he/she only knows two words (uurp or durp) the path to employment has been difficult.

Ms. FinchMs. Finch

Ms. Finch lives in the dumpster outside the Leaky Timbers Apartment Complex. She pays her rent in garbage (usually fish bones) which explains why she's in the dumpster. Generally very nice, she does sometimes eat people so you've been warned.


No one really knows what Halvsie's name really is. He never gets to complete a sentence without being interrupted. Originally from the year 1374, Halvsie has really taken to computers and does a series of online tutorials on how to cure various meats and hides. Halvsie really enjoys spending time with Wolfie, but does wish he'd stop being interru...


Kenneth is way better at things than you are, at least according to Kenneth. Kenneth’s hobbies include commenting on the internet, obscure cosplay, complaining, and pre-ordering exclusive action figures from non-english websites. Only a select few know the password to his apartment.